Krav Maga With Rachel

Krav Maga is a deep passion of mine. It’s combat training, combat fitness, tactical training, situational awareness, empowerment, strength building, and straight up dirty street fighting. It can be learned by anyone and I want to teach you.

What We Do

Krav Maga is powerful self defensive Tactical/Martial Art that combines many martial art practices 


4 basic defense techniques

In Krav Maga an important concept understand: “Striking the soft spots of the body are at the base of any effective reaction,” Gavish says.

Kick the groin with your shin

Avoid an outside strike

Escape a bear hug

Escape a two handed choke

Rachel is the BEST!! I have learned so much from her Krav lessons! I've had about 15-20+ classes with her. I feel confident that I can use the skills she has taught me to fight off an attacker. She's intense and strong when in combat but such a happy sweetheart who is patient and thorough with her teaching. I can't wait for many more lessons with Rachel!

Suzanne M.

I’ve been training with Rachel for the last 8 months and LOVE IT! She is thorough, patient, and all around bada$$! I have learned so much, and she has pushed me farther than I thought I could go. I wholeheartedly recommend training with Rachel!

Sarah B.

Rachel is a fantastic and approachable teacher! She is knowledgeable teacher and fosters a wonderful learning environment for being safe yet challenged to stretch and grow.

Hannah L.


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